Der Start von MegaCryptoPolis wurde von heute auf den 10.Oktober verschoben

Ursprünglich sollten Landbesitzer im City-Builder-Game MegaCryptoPolis heute mit dem Bauen von Gebäuden beginnen können. Die Entwickler fühlen sich aber noch nicht bereit für den Release und haben den Start des Blockchain-Games auf den 10.10.18 verschoben.
Hier ist die komplette Begründung für den Delay im Wortlaut:

“MegaCryptoPolis is not starting today, and here is why.

What makes a game successful is not just a good idea ― it’s a sophisticated mix of components, many hours of hard work and some painful decisions. It took us more than 6 months before the first announcement of MCP to deliver what you’ve seen so far. And when we finally have a product ready we can’t stop improving it, realizing that even a small feature added today may shape the future of a whole blockchain games industry. The fact of holding second top position in dApp games for more than three months and accidentally overcoming CK by volume for weeks should not make these words look up magniloquent.

We came here to stay and we need to make sure MCP will last longer than a couple of months. Yep, we have an outstanding 3D client to be released soon after, however that is not a guarantee for bright future in a perspective of a year or two….It was our respected community to raise an “MCP as the platform” concept discussions these days. To say the least, we have that in mind for a long time and just realised that it’s our last chance to include some basement for the future expansion in the MCP smart contracts before deployment.

What we are talking about is an opportunity to build absolutely new games on top of MCP using core assets and gaming map as a virtual world for things beyond influence points and land plot sales. That will allow for an absolutely new layer of eventful activities with different mods and add-ons. We hope to see there “cyberpunk-MCP”, “kitties in the city”, “china MCP town” or may be even mafia or robot wars enhancing original idea with additional features built on top of MCP ecosystem. Furthermore we will introduce our own concept of gaming world expansion next month.

As the part of above-described approach we will make all MCP art and GUI assets publicly available so everyone can use it to establish an independent MCP client or a mod to interact directly with blockchain.

We understand that perfection may not be a legitimate goal, so we’ll stop ongoing pursuit for better decentralized practices on 5th October 2018. Final version of MCP smart contracts will be deployed in mainnet before that date whatsoever.

Building will be started 10 October 2018, 12:00 UTC.

All bоunty rewards will be minted to their respective owners from 5 to 10 October.

It is our promise to set this date in stone and never allow the next delay to happen.”

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