English Version: Revealing exclusiv-interview with Lead Developer of Chibi Fighters

English version for our international guests:
Chibi Fighters is a cool Blockchain-Game from Germany. Crypto-Games.de had the pleasure to interview lead developer Gary.
He tells us how one can earn money, playing Chibi Fighters, gives an assessment of the international DApp-Scene and even reveals the secret nickname, his colleagues gave him 😉 :

Hi Gary. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Lets get started:
You are lead-developer of Chibi Fighters. According to the Chibis website, those are „fierce, little warriors, that know no mercy“. Would you like to tell our readers, why it is fun to play Chibi Fighters and what sets your Chibis apart from other crypto-games?

Hi Martin, thanks for having me. Chibi Fighters is a game with actual gameplay 🙂 and tons of it. It’s great fun levelling your warrior and getting better and better gear. But then of course putting it to use is even better. Crush your friends or team up with them and get great loot from the butcher game.

Generally I see Chibi Fighters as two different games. There is the idle version where you don’t do a lot, you can send your Chibi on adventures, wait for them to come back, lend them to players or watch them fight in the Hunt, which can be set to autoplay. This is great when you are working on something and want to idle away. Or have a day job, yikes.
Then there is the „Butcher game“ which has xbox controller support for a reason. This gets your blood pumping and rewards you with real Ether.

Chibis website states, that one can earn (crypto-) money while playing Chibi Fighters. How much could a very, very successful player earn at the moment? 

There are so many various options to make money. Fuse Chibis, sell Chibis, weapons, gear. And of course games like the Butcher that return instant Ether. I’ve seen players making 50$ a day. But you have to understand they don’t do that 30 days a month. Genereally the top makes about 200$ a month. Fluctuating in these dire crypto downward trends though.

What did inspire you to create those unique looking Fighters? And is there a larger backround-story of a world full of Chibis? 😉
That is all Asa and Kiwi, I generally just mumble: can you make something awesome? And behold soon after they come up with this super creative stuff. It’s so much fun working with such talent.
Originally we had a lore writer but she was consumed with family business, but there is indeed lore. We’ll probably add it to our wiki soon. Which, speaking of, is the very first Crypto Game that was approved by Gamepedia and can be found here: https://chibifighters.gamepedia.com
Suck on them apples Axies and Cuties.

Most developers started to create their blockchain-project after the tremendous release of CryptoKitties. When and why did you decide to become a blockchain-developer?

I got fed up with my day job and left it behind. Why crypto, is hard to tell. The CryptoKitties fever never set in. I got one at some point and was just wondering why people fancied them so much. The first draft of Chibi Fighters was very simple, but especially the tutorials from CryptoZombies were sooo good that I just slipped into that space deeper and deeper. And of course my pillow in the shape of an ASIC miner.

Are you also a crypto-gamer? What other current projects do you like? Is there a blockchain-game that you look forward to?

Please don’t ask me that, I don’t want to be the never ending rager. But, wow, if you need examples of garbage games: crypto is the place to be.

Then of course there are the dozen and one illegal games that don’t follow any laws and think Ethereum is a private blockchain #LawsuitsForDecades
Looking forward: Hell yeah, I got my popcorn and soda ready waiting for the lawsuit around Zombie Battleground https://loom.games/en/
While it is the correct approach making trading card games actually tradeable, something Magic, Hearthstone and other bloodsuckers forgot about, the 1:1 Hearthstone clone, contrary to popular belief, does not fall in the category „but every ego shooter is the same, too!“ – yeah naw.

Currently Chibis run a presale for the Tron-version of the game. Do you expect that the TRX-version will become more important in player-numbers than the original? If so, what will happen to the ETH-Chibis?

Absolutely, the TRON player base is already way above the Ethereum version. It’s not really a bad thing. It’s two different servers. Just because one has fewer players doesn’t make it better or worse. Cross markets will benefit both parties and cross server battles will be fun in either case.

One will always benefit from the other. I think the two servers will be a great combo.
We are more than one year past the release of CryptoKitties and still no larger company joined the blockchain-gaming-market. Instead we see several CryptoKitties-clones, successful ponzi-schemes, expensive presales, leading to poor, simple games and only a few real games, like Chibi Fighters.
What is your opinion: Will we get top crypto-games anytime soon or will gaming-DApps stay a niche-market?
No big studio in their right mind would ever develop on a blockchain. Remember the times you bought a game on a module? Nintendo times. No patches, no updates. Those times are over, gone, kaputt. Immutable and Games do not go hand in hand.
Then of course there is the dream of cross game content. Which I was really hoping for to pick up. Dream bubble burst. But we are just in the beginning, I am confident this will be a big thing for Blockchain games. Even if it is just cross game item usage.
Then of course the proper use for blockchain games would be ownership and with it decentralized exchanges. This, I see as the future of gaming. As soon as average John Doe figure out they can actually make money by playing a game, sell their leveled characters, mass adoption would happen quite fast.

As it stands though, it’s as niche as it gets.

Do you have any future-projects in mind or even a concrete announcement for a follow-up-game?

Not as it stands. The entire team learned tons over the past year and Chibi Fighters is receiving better gaming modules each month. We are currently knee deep in proper realtime battles and once our PVP module releases I think Chibis will show what can be possible.

Are you convinced of the idea behind Bitcoin? Do you think crypto currencies have a brighter future than Dollar and €uro?

I would not doubt it for a second. The notion behind Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general is fantastic. Everyone who ever travelled to other countries knows the pain of fiat. While being your own bank of course comes with new problems, the benefits outweight the cons.

One massive challenge will be the global market. You can deal with anyone, from a high class US citizens to a Somali. To some 10$ might be nothing, to others it might be a months rent. Crypto removes this barrier, which will lead to interesting times.

Would you like to add anything to the blockchain-gamer-community? 🙂

First of all I thank everyone who is part of Chibi Fighters, you guys are just amazing and make me get up in the morning even when it’s raining.

But I also want to raise some awareness around greed. Many crypto gamers want to rank in profits, heck we all love them! But for one to make profit, someone else needs to lose. Food for thoughts, be nice to each other.

Thank you, Gary.

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